Strong Magic Pressure
Magic Pressure



Mahō no atsuryoku


Physically released Magic

Magic Pressure (魔法の圧力 Mahō no atsuryoku) is the physical force/pressure that a person’s Magic creates when released.

Magic Pressure vs. Magic EnergyEdit

The difference between magic pressure and magic energy is simple: Magic Energy is the amount of energy a being has stored within their body or soul, whereas Magic Pressure is the pressure that a person’s Magic Energy exerts. The difference is much like energy and power. Power being the amount of energy exerted per unit of time. Magic Energy is potential while Magic Pressure is energy in use. In general, those with high levels of Magic Energy will often have the highest levels of Magical Pressure also. A skilled warrior can overcome a person possessing a greater amount of Magic Energy by possessing greater Magic Pressure. This is done by having greater control over their own magic energy.